Timing is Everything

Over 35 years combined experience!



Who We Are


Indiano Capital Management is a full-service financial management firm that specializes in meeting the investment needs of individuals, corporations, and non-profit organizations.

We offer personalized service and well-managed investment opportunities that distinguish us from the rest.  Our team will work directly with you to custom design your investment plan.  At Indiano Capital Management, we encourage you to be involved in the investment process to meet your needs.  Our research staff spends countless hours researching companies that meet our stringent investment criteria.  We use those companies to develop a personalized investment plan that works for you.


What We Do


  • Equities:  We have a multi-capitalization and multi-sector strategy where we purchase equities selling below what we feel is their true value.  We also purchase equities that we feel have an attractive and sustainable dividend.

  • Fixed Income:  We have both taxable and non-taxable fixed income strategies.

  • Taxable Bonds:  This strategy uses a variety of fixed income securities that we feel offer either a yield more attractive than current market rates or capital appreciation opportunities.

  • Non-Taxable Bonds:  This strategy is comprised of primarily investment grade municipal bonds.